August 14, 2018

A modern recruiting pipeline centers on an applicant tracking system (ATS). The ATS is the digital heart of your organization’s talent search and ensures the process of bringing a new employee onboard is smooth and efficient. In an era that has repeatedly revealed the operational benefits of digitizing systems, there’s no reason to leave your organization’s talent development functions behind.

While the decision to use an ATS is an easy one, picking the exact system you adopt requires a little more care. The optimal solution for your company will fulfill a few important functions for the HR department and fit with your overall objectives and day-to-day operations. The following are some of the areas you should focus on when going digital or replacing an existing ATS.

What does a great ATS offer?

Time-saving Automation

When manual processes are replaced with automatic equivalents, HR teams recover valuable time in their days. Furthermore, with the superior search capabilities associated with IT systems, you gain accuracy and visibility into essential information as applicants progress through the system. The future of hiring will involve a mixture of endlessly scalable automation and the human attention of highly aware employees.

Access to Analytics

The power of analytics has been reshaping the way departments think about everyday processes. Especially at companies that deal with huge volumes of applicants, hoping to fill many positions quickly, data analytics solutions are a powerful tool to have in an ATS. The connections made by advanced algorithms can point hiring managers toward the best potential employees within vast talent pools.

Integration with Other Systems

An ATS doesn’t have to exist on its own. It’s better to integrate such a system with other digitized applications to create a seamless and effective workflow. This could include specialized background check systems or other screening types operated by third parties. Furthermore, when the ATS connects directly to popular social platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, posting publicly in search of candidates becomes simple.

Customized Workflows

Your company isn’t quite like any other business. Workers within your HR department have a specific set of requirements and processes. Setting up an approval system based on each individual’s role creates a level of comfort and efficiency. The ATS isn’t forcing your business into one way of working – instead it’s conforming to the way your department likes to get things done.

Why HRadvocate’s ATS?

HRadvocate offers a single holistic platform designed to improve the talent acquisition and candidate experience. We want to help you quickly find the right candidates and determine the best fit.

  • Time-saving Automation – HRadvocate improves applicant conversion through unique and dynamic insights into a candidate’s qualifications, reducing time to hire. We house a database that updates one candidate record with all associated recruiting activity. Reports on all required application fields are available for evaluation during any step of the hiring process.
  • Access to Analytics – HRadvocate addresses the challenge of real-time analytics and monitoring of the requisition pipeline. Hiring Managers, Directors, VPs, all have real-time visibility of the candidate pipeline, as well as insight into stage by
    stage progression.
  • Integrations with Other Systems – The extensibility of HRadvocate’s open HCM integration platform allows you to leverage your investments in your existing application infrastructure. Use out-of-the-box integrations to combine HRadvocate employee data with other HR systems. And deploy Neudesic’s Neuron ESB to ensure all your organization’s systems are seamlessly speaking the same language.
  • Customized Workflows – HRadvocate is available as a configurable SaaS or on-premise solution. Both deployment options include our specialized implementation services which tailor the HR experience to fit a variety of organizational needs.

We are an ATS that gives you a more complete view of applicants. Request a demo of HRadvocate today.