July 10, 2018

Reaching out to potential recruits via email is an essential part of turning prospects into new hires, but success is far from assured. If you don’t strike the right tone with everything in your email, from your subject line to the personalized elements, top recruiting targets may delete your communication without a second thought. When the appeal is just right, however, the results are worth it: These cold-call messages can reel in top candidates for your organization’s highest-profile job openings.

Putting in Effort

There are a few traps recruiters can fall into when it’s time to reach out to potential candidates. Recruiting Daily indicated firing away with messages that aren’t customized tends to put candidates off of a company instead of attracting them. Top talents in their field are unlikely to be swayed by generic emails that don’t include relevant hooks. These are high-profile workers, and they’re likely doing well now. You’ll have to make a good impression to win their attention.

It’s not the only common mistake that can scuttle email outreach. Recruiting Daily also warned against using messages that skim over the reality of the job opening. You’re sending out emails to cold candidates because the position is vital for your organization to fill, so go ahead and emphasize that importance. Along with that emphasis can come a detailed and realistic list of tasks and priorities.

The following succinct template, with ample room for necessary customization, can serve as a great base for your own compelling recruiting emails.

Example Recruiting Template


My name is [RECRUITER NAME] with [COMPANY] and I hope you don’t mind my reaching out. I’ve been impressed by your experience and qualifications after studying your profile on [NAME THE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM OR OTHER PUBLIC SITE WHERE YOU DISCOVERED THE LEAD. ADD SPECIFICS ABOUT WHICH SKILLS HAVE YOU MOST INTERESTED.]

We at [COMPANY] are looking for someone to join our [SPECIFY TEAM] team in our [LOCATION] office. [ADD A FEW DETAILED SENTENCES ABOUT WHAT THE ROLE ENTAILS. NOT TOO MANY, BUT ENOUGH TO GIVE A COMPLETE PICTURE.] This is a vital position for us to fill, and we think your skills are a great match.

If you’d like to learn more about the position, we’d love to talk to you – are you available [SPAN OF TIME]? Feel free to reach out to me via [PHONE/EMAIL/LINKEDIN]

Thank you for your time,


Using the Right Technology

Sending out messages such as the above is just one step in the recruitment process. In one of our previous blog posts, 3 Ways to Keep Recruiters’ Workload Manageable, we talked about tools to enable recruiters to take a more strategic approach to their jobs, such as personalizing these recruiter messages, by streamlining everyday tasks.

HRadvocate addresses the challenge of improving applicant conversion through unique and dynamic insights into how candidates are applying to ensure that the applicant funnel starts as wide as possible, and automate filters narrow the pool to the most qualified candidates. This is where our recruiting template, sprinkled with personal touches, would really resonate once you’ve narrowed down the applicant list.

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