September 25, 2018

Your company can’t count on hiring a talented applicant simply because you make a job offer. If that individual is truly right for the position, with skills and abilities that reach and exceed expectations, you may be competing with many other potential employers. Forgetting that the talent search process is a two-way street, in which both parties must impress one another, may lose your organization the chance to work with top employees.

The candidate experience could determine whether your business appeals to applicants. Though quoting salary figures and making promises about workplace culture are common ways to burnish a company’s credentials, candidates are likely to put great importance on their experiences as they move through the steps of recruiting. A failure to treat applicants well could be harmful to your company.

Create a Positive Experience

The candidate experience at your organization should be uniformly positive. The act of applying for a job at a company gives individuals a close view of that business, and if you make a good impression, that’s a victory for your branding and positioning. Unsuccessful applicants who walk away with a positive experience may be valuable future contacts, while people who become disenchanted with the process may publicly denigrate your brand reputation.

As for how to make candidates happy, we recommend less secrecy and more communication. Organizations that maintain radio silence toward their candidates may end up trying their patience. Individuals still being considered should be kept in the loop, while those who have been knocked out of the running should be politely told so.

Complete the Sale

As former Monster Professional Services Director Amy Hughes stated in a Monster webinar, recruiting is a sales process. Companies have to present their environments and brands in the best possible light. A modern approach to sales also applies to hiring, and that means personalizing the pitch to a particular individual’s interests, preferences and needs. If you know what an applicant cares about, you can know what elements of your business will be the most compelling – you can make the sale. In a previous blog post, we provided some tips and templates on sending more effective recruiting emails to help you complete the sale.

Don’t Forget Technology

When your recruiting department has effective tech tools, it can become a modern part of the organization. An applicant tracking system improves your ability to keep track of each candidate, staying in touch and providing a personalized, thought-out version of the hiring process. There’s no need to entrust this essential part of human resources to less reliable manual methods.

With HRadvocate, your company can easily streamline their global HR processes from hire to retire. Employees, managers, and HR get real-time access to critical information anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Our recruiting module strengthens the candidate experience and improves applicant conversion through unique and dynamic insights into a candidate’s qualifications. HRadvocate houses a database that updates one candidate record with all associated recruiting activity, alleviating the manual efforts of HR.

To learn more about HRadvocate’s role in recruiting, request a demo today.