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Ensure employee success right from the start



Cognitive analytics tools and integrations with social networking sites help you quickly find the right candidates and determine the best fit. Once hired, HRadvocate helps new hires get up to speed faster and fosters helpful, two-way communication between the employee and HR team. Discover how HRadvocate is so much more than an ATS.

Applicant functions

HRadvocate houses a database that updates one candidate record with all associated recruiting activity. Starting from job requisition and extending through hiring and employee onboarding, all communication streams through an embedded, customizable workflow of company-defined processes for requisition, offer letter and final approval. Without having to change screens or databases, HRadvocate displays applicant or candidate status for all candidates, allowing administrators to schedule events and notify interviewers of the time, location and of any topics deemed necessary to cover.

A highly collaborative recruiting experience

Social networking, email and leading job sites integrate seamlessly with HRadvocate, so publishing internal and external job requisitions from our supplied templates is comprehensive and easy. Each application submitted for a job holds a unique application number, allowing you to track expenses by applicant or candidate level and associate them with a specific requisition or a general recruiting activity. Tokenizing applications by a unique job ID number makes tracking applicant or candidate activity for hiring managers and recruiters is a turnkey process. Job requisition numbers hold status and reason for the recruiting process and employment information including full or part time indicators, salary range, FLSA type, education and skill requirements.

More than an ATS

Applicants may attach a wide range of document formats when applying for multiple positions and track the status of their applications by position. Alerts for when a future position matching a prospective employee's qualification becomes available can also be enabled. HRadvocate integrates with third-party screening services including criminal background checks, drug testing and custom assessments. And reports on all required application fields are available for evaluation during any step of the hiring process.   

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Ensure employee success right from the start


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