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Align employee awards and compensation with
organizational objectives and results


An integrated way to distribute budgets and allocate awards

HRadvocate’s Pay-for-Performance compensation module gives you the ability to optionally align employee awards and merit increments with organizational objectives and results. Securely distribute budgets and allocate awards to groups of employees, with a familiar experience and useful functionality across employee and manager Self Service and HR functions.

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Better connect pay with performance


Employee and organizational data, security structures, and reporting hierarchies from HRadvocate (Core HR) give you a secure means of distributing compensation budgets. And integration with real-time performance updates allow managers to better connect pay with performance.

Automatically updates Core HR and Payroll

Seamless integration with real-time performance updates allows managers the information they need to connect pay with performance. Once the compensation planning process is completed, changes are automatically directed back to the employee record in Core HR and Payroll systems.

Why use HRadvocate for Compensation?

With critical employee performance and market data, as well as HR's merit guidelines, HRadvocate gives managers an easy way to link compensation to employee performance to effectively allocate compensation budgets to attract and retain top performers, while avoiding the overpayment of underperformers.

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