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An integrated learning management system that
grows with your workforce


A centralized learning and development system that is personalized for employees

HRadvocate’s feature-rich, open, and robust learning platform is integrated for employee and manager self-services interfaces that allow configurability options for administrators. A simple interface allows you to brand your HRadvocate learning hub, and deploy personal training programs with courses, schedules and classes.

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Develop and grow existing talent


Capture training materials in one area, live-stream virtual classrooms and offer self-paced courses with quizzes to maximize learning collaboration between teams. Set key initiatives with deadlines and detailed tracking criteria to grow your talent. The HRadvocate Learning and Development module automatically transfers course completions to employee records. The certifications feature is designed to address compliance-related training needs for organizations of all types and sizes.

Training reports have never been easier to create

Track certificates, credits and prerequisites all within one system. Quickly deploy training and development programs by adding courses, sessions, and classes. Pull out-of-the-box reports on training costs, tuition reimbursements, assessment scores, completion rates and many other training metrics with just a couple clicks.

Why use HRadvocate for Learning & Development?

The evolving workplace puts greater demands on employers to give employees the right tools to build skills quickly, easily and on-demand. HRadvocate’s cloud-based learning environment encourages company-wide developmental growth and puts the necessary training courses and materials into the hands of those who need it most.


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