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Ensure employee success right from the start


An ATS that gives you a more complete view of applicants

Automate your recruitment processes with HRadvocate. Create approval workflows based on company-defined processes around requisitions, job offers and new hires. Give administrators access to schedule interviews and notify interviewers about time, location and agenda.

Digitized and automated onboarding

Track and monitor new hire progress through HRadvocate’s employee onboarding portal. With customizable templates, hiring managers can assign tasks to the new hire and include assets such as videos, documents, quizzes, courses and ad-hoc meetings. HRadvocate provides a full audit trail to ensure data accuracy and legal compliance.

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We're on a mission to improve recruiting and onboarding


Automate early stages of your candidate pipeline with our FIT-O-METER™, a new cognitive technology that transforms recruiting at the initial stages of a talent revolution. Instantly visualize candidate assessment results to bring transparency to your hiring team with real-time interview ratings and application auto-grading. Improve your holistic candidate view with FIT-O-METER™, which integrates with third-party screening services like criminal background check, drug testing and assessment providers.

Recruit, track, hire and repeat

Post directly to job boards and social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to attract top talent. Compare candidate quality and volume between job boards using advanced analytics to ensure you're getting the most out of your recruiting budget. Quickly identify the status of internal and external candidates by unique job numbers and utilize requisition libraries of job templates to create and compare jobs. And with HRadvocate, you can jumpstart the onboarding process with our one-click hire feature.

Why use HRadvocate for Recruiting and Onboarding?

HRadvocate gives you cognitive analytics tools and integrations with social networking sites to quickly find the right candidates and determine who will best fit the job. Once hired, HRadvocate helps new hires get up to speed faster and fosters helpful, two-way communication between the employee and HR team.

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