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Foster a high-performing culture with agile performance management


Happy employees grow company culture

Well-designed performance path structures help employees thrive, which in turn, reinforces company culture. Create a transparent company environment for your employees with regular feedback and continuous learning. Keep managers on top of talent management and employee development with performance review timelines and SMART goals to track objectives to completion. And enrich feedback to managers with flexible 360-degree review templates.

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Features to help you grow talent


HRadvocate gives you what you need to measure and develop talent. Features like annual, 60-day and ad-hoc just-in-time reviews, plus flexible review templates, multi-nominations for 360-degree reviews, and built-in audio-video technology help you develop and manage talent more efficiently.

Visibility fosters trust

Retaining the best talent can only be done if HR managers have a holistic view of the employee lifecycle including recruitment, onboarding as well as learning and development. As trust grows, feedback between HR, hiring managers and employees becomes more constructive, the gap between required and existing talents closes, and more organizational goals are met.

Why use HRadvocate for Talent Management?

HRadvocate's approach to performance management emphasizes coaching with constant feedback, not just the appraisal. Reviewable templates allow full flexibility of customization that aligns business standards and builds upon your existing talent. Performance reporting is exportable for compensation review and long-term department planning; ultimately increasing productivity and changing corporate culture.

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