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Streamlined timesheet automation
and attendance tracking


Keep track and keep going

Simplify and safeguard your time-off policies with pre-set approval processes for all time-off requests. Track paid time off, sick days and personal leave in one place. Gain key insights into real-time employee data that will enable quick approvals.

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Learn about the features and benefits of the Time & Leave Management modules.

Simplified workflows for time-off requests


Simplify employee time-off requests with Employee Self-Service that tracks data in real-time. Managers spend less time approving requests and more time completing their critical responsibilities.

Clocking-in? There's an app for that.

Increase compliance, reduce administrative errors and simplify approvals with mobile-based clock-in/clock-out capabilities. Employees get an easy way to clock-in and submit timesheets.

Why use HRadvocate for Time & Leave Management?

The digital workplace is changing the way we work. Make sure your organization is evolving with it. Streamline timekeeping and reduce payroll corrections with HRadvocate’s Time and Leave Management modules. Stay on top of overtime and ensure FLSA compliance with online timesheet tracking.

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