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Optimize your workforce management processes


A better way to acquire, manage and optimize your workforce

Optimize HR operations with the flexibility to adapt the platform to your business processes. Create, update and manage process workflows at any time. From tracking time and attendance to qualification audits and payroll management, HRadvocate makes it easier to automate and administer your most time-consuming HR processes.

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Manage and pay your workforce with payroll rules


Implement payroll processes with pre-defined rules that import data to your existing payroll software. Grant access to reports for managers and HR administrators as needed. Add and edit benefit contribution formulas, time-off accrual formulas, and set up compensation ratio tables.

Push new boundaries and improve processes with strategic workflows

Document and record retention to reduce legal risks and maintain job organization salary history. HRadvocate helps you record disciplinary actions, safety/OSHA reporting and international I-9s. Categorize your team and restrict access for roles like HR approvers, training administrators, functional supervisors or the organization head.

Why use HRadvocate for Workforce Management?

HRadvocate helps you modernize your HR administrative duties and streamline process workflows, with helpful workforce solutions like gap analysis and grievance registration. Control every facet of your HR organization with HRadvocate’s Workforce Management module.

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