HRadvocate, the modernized Human Capital Management (HCM) platform, was identified as an “Innovator” in both the Mid-Large Market (upwards of 500 employees) and Small Market (with less than 500 employees), in a recently published NEAT evaluation of the leading cloud HCM technology providers, by NelsonHall, a global BPS and ITS analyst firm. The 2018 NelsonHall NEAT Next Generation HCM Technology Vendor research report evaluated 16 cloud-based Human Capital Management software providers, assessing them on platform approaches, platform features and functionality, integrations, vendor partnerships, investments in platform innovation, vendor delivery models, and more.

As an Innovator, HRadvocate is identified as having the capability of meeting client future requirements, including roadmap focus and supporting investments, commitment to platform innovation, extent to which the client perceives the vendor and platform will meet future needs, and overall market momentum (i.e. platform adoption). Additionally, HRadvocate was recognized in the HCM space due to its comprehensive platform, ease of use, and for enabling customers to move from manual HR processes to digital automation.

“The HRadvocate team has always been focused on building an all-in-one HCM platform with the mission of making HR easier for everyone,” said Shantanu Sarkar, Vice President of Solutions and Innovation at Neudesic. “We are proud that our product is able to do just that, proven by being named an Innovator of HCM by NelsonHall. We will continue building an HCM solution that enables organizations to streamline their HR processes from hire to retire.”

“HRadvocate was recognized as an Innovator for its cloud HCM capability in both the small and mid-large market segments. With modern capability spanning the employee lifecycle, and a flexible modular approach, clients are able to leverage the platform to fit their specific HR technology needs as they grow,” said Pete Tiliakos, Principal HR Analyst at NelsonHall. “This was supported by high client satisfaction ratings for its ability to deliver innovation to meet their future needs. With a roadmap and supporting investments focused on advancing its module capability and incorporating next-generation features like AI and machine learning, HRadvocate is positioned for strong growth.”

The recognition from NelsonHall is a timely industry honor as HRadvocate recently launched its next generation HCM platform including improved and modernized ATS capabilities focused on reducing time to hire and improving the quality of candidates, including retention and performance. The next generation of HRadvocate is helping HR teams shift towards more manageable and automated processes that enable HR to focus on more strategic initiatives and reduce time spent on manual work.

To learn more or to schedule a demonstration of HRadvocate’s modernized HCM platform, visit the HRadvocate website or email You can also follow HRadvocate on LinkedIn and Twitter. To request access to the 2018 NelsonHall NEAT Generation HCM Technology Vendor Evaluation, visit the NelsonHall report.

About HRadvocate

HRadvocate, created by Neudesic, is the modernized Human Capital Management (HCM) platform designed to make HR easier for everyone. HRadvocate can be licensed on-premises or subscribed as SaaS. HRadvocate enables organizations to streamline global HR processes and improve critical information workflows to better recruit, hire, retain and engage employees. Employees, managers and HR get real-time access to critical information and insights, anywhere, anytime. To learn more, visit

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